3D modeling: where it is essential


3D is quickly becoming essential in many fields. This constantly evolving technology fascinates by its complexity and its many uses. In a way, 3D modeling consists of computerizing a sculpture. It makes you schematize something in three dimensions when we’re used to only have two dimensions on that type of platform. You may not think that you’ll ever need one for your company, but at some point, you’ll probably look for an efficient 3D software. Here are some fields in which 3D modeling is essential.


Nowadays, an efficient architect quickly comes to his computer to schematize his projects. We all have the image of an architect with big sheets of paper with lots of drawings representing the future building. With 3D modeling, drawing quickly becomes obsolete. It’s still used for the first drafts but when it becomes more official and more serious, architects use software to represent their next project. With 3D technologies, it’s now possible to make the client “move” in the drawing so he has a better idea of what the place will look like when it’s built. 3D software also helps with the measurements. They are more precise and more reliable, which avoid from making expensive mistakes.

Video games

The era in which you could only see Mario Bros’ profile is over. You can now see every angle, every face of every character and every object. You now feel like you’re in your game which makes it even more interesting for players. This is now possible because of 3D modeling software. With those, video game makers can recreate a realistic environment. You’ll almost feel like you control the character of a real-life movie but everything is still computerized drawings helped by 3D technologies.


Many artists have had the desire of making the public an integral part of their art. By making the viewer feel like he is in the artwork, it becomes powerful and even sometimes personalized. You’ll now see some animated films in museums. These are often made with a 3D modeling software. It can also be used by the artist in non-moving artworks. They can recreate a landscape or a character and make it feel more alive and realistic than if it was in two dimensions. When you’ll see an artwork made with 3D technologies, you’ll often feel like you’re in the artwork and you’ll want to see what’s hiding behind what you see. You won’t feel like what is represented is the only thing present in the scene. You’ll want to explore. The software will help recreate this effect more precisely and more easily.

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