4 Great Limitations Of Dedicated Server Hosting


10Having difficulties with your servers? You must come across dedicated server hosting as an option to improve your website. Companies such as serverclub.com offer solutions to such problems at a fair cost. Dedicated server hosting has several advantages and if most of you were given an option, you would probably choose it instead of sharing. However, everything has its limitations and here are some that a dedicated server user faces:

  • High Cost and ownership

This is the main disadvantage faced by website owners with dedicated server hosting, especially if you are not an expert in managing servers. The tasks involved when technical problems occur can force you to have one or two professionals to handle it, which is very expensive. This is why most users prefer shared hosting. The hosting providers charge for using their hardware and for the physical hosting which results to heavy monthly charges. Over time, the website consumes a lot of money. The server usually belongs to the service provider and what you own is only the data. Unlike shared hosting, you are stuck with the server for some time whether you are satisfied with the service or not.

  • No extra features and technical support

Every server has different features and it is important to know which ones you require before investing in one for your website. Dedicated servers are normally preinstalled on shared server packages and some lack additional features, which is usually a benefit for shared hosting. If you would like to have any other application, you are likely to find them on your own. As for technical support, some users can find them to be a lot to grasp. This means calling in the webmasters or hosts, who mostly provide less support to individual users as compared to shared hosting where you could use your staff with the knowledge, to solve any technical problem. An important point to put across is that if you are not familiar with this system, there are high chances of crashing the server, which requires rebooting.

  • Penalties

Dedicated hosts have penalties on exceeding your disk space, bandwidth, memory etc. This is a limitation especially to websites with heavy traffic but the unfortunate part is that you do not realize when it surpasses its limit until the end of the month when you receive the billing. Many companies have experienced this and are forced to fork out more money than they had anticipated when they opted for the idea.

  • Limitations

Not all businesses can adopt dedicated servers for their businesses. It works best with high-income business with websites and is internet-based. Therefore, this puts a limit for the low and medium-level business owners who probably have websites but do not use them primarily to seek for growth.

Another limitation is that your provider is the one in charge of maintaining the server because they are in contact with it physically. If your host is unreliable, you might endure problems with their service or even worse lose your data and its back-ups.

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