4 Reasons Why Your Online Marketing Campaign Failed


100 days of hard work and CRASH!!!

While diversity of audiences, easy approach, and non-technical communication are the benefits of online marketing campaigns, these elements complicate campaigns. The audience you are dealing with has already been bombarded with information. Communication overload may make them reject your brand. In contrast, incomplete communication may make them lose interest. The complications are many, but here we have listed down the top four reasons of your online marketing campaign’s failure.

1.    Your SEO Strategies Overshadow the Quality

Content is king while quality is queen. The pillars of modern strategies are still the same, including keywords, links, keyword stemming, and others. However, your target audience loses interest in your marketing campaign if SEO strategies overshadow the quality of your marketing tactics in the content.

  • Incorporate keywords naturally.
  • Make the content engaging.
  • Back the quality with research.
  • Include case studies.
  • Make it useful for sharing.
  • Make it easily bondable.

2. You Work On Social Media Channels of Communication

All social media networks entertain different types of audiences. Twitter is used for winning customer satisfaction. Instagram is used for generating new leads. Facebook is the hub of product promotions. Pinterest is focused on practicality of routine elements. The product or service that you market will cater to a specific audience. Similarly, the specific audience will be found active and in majority on specific social media channels only. Your online marketing campaign may fail if you target all types of audiences on all types of social media networks. Be focused in your marketing goals and selection of audience and network.

3. Inconsistent Communication

Search engine analytics are used to track the sources of audience, peak time of communication, and other tools of measuring the user data. Whether your marketing goal is to reinforce your brand or generate new leads, you need to stay in touch with your target audience to avoid any loopholes in your marketing campaign. Consistent communication makes you an essential part of your target audience’s routine, and hence, a priority brand when buying product or rendering services.

4. Boring, Lacking Human Ingredient

Jean Claude Van Damme, with his epic split video, won 75 million views for the Volvo truck. The marketing campaign is largely based on the stunt in the video. You don’t need to say ‘stay hooked to know more’. Reveal, expose, and let your audience know why your brand is special. Any kind of human interest that entertains human emotions like excitement, happiness, sadness, and others is all you need to add human ingredient in your marketing campaign.

We cannot forget search engine analytics in this online marketing guide. Tracking the anticipated results is one of the best ways to avoid a loss. You can change the marketing strategies by finding the loopholes causing damage to your campaign. You can choose Plan B, or C to make your campaign successful!

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