4 Ways Your Smartphone Can Make You A Better Car Owner


5 Ways Your Smart Phone Can Help You Be A Better DriverWhile laws continue to be approved at an alarming rate that restrict the use of gadgets while driving, all drivers should know that that mobile technology could in fact make them a better car owner. These devices have access to enormous app markets that now boast hundreds of thousands of unique programs. Many of these mobile apps are directed squarely at the driver and how they can save time, money, and energy when it comes to owning and operating a vehicle.


1. Carticipate


One of the most important components of owning vehicle is knowing how to decrease one’s carbon footprint as well as cut down on gas and other maintenance costs. For many, these means utilizing a rideshare or commuter program, but these can often be difficult to organize. Carticipate has taken the guesswork out of joining a commuter group and breaks down members by their starting and ending locations as well as the time that they must commute every single day. Users then assist one another by splitting the costs each trip or which participant will be driving.


2. iGasUp


The more money that is spent on gas, the less money there is to spend on keeping a car maintained or even essentials around the home. This is why many car owners have downloaded an app for finding a gas station at some point, but few are as comprehensive as iGasUp. This app updates local gas prices and provides the ten closest gas stations with information from the smartphone’s GSP. Currently, there are just over 110,000 gas stations within the app’s database.


3. My Firestone


Few apps are as comprehensive when it comes to car maintenance as My Firestone. This app has been created by the popular Firestone company and will keep track of nearly every step of maintenance ranging from rotating tires to changing one’s brake fluid. The app will then set reminders a few days before the change must be made so users can then connect to companies such as SimpleTire to order new products or schedule appointments.


4. TripAlyzer


Having a GPS and generic map program on a smartphone is now standard, but these do come with some drawbacks. While they will often give accurate directions, very few can make a trip as efficient as possible. This can include information such as one’s speed, the amount of incline, or even daily changes to traffic, each of which are carefully tracked and displayed to the driver through TripAlyzer.

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