5 benefits of choosing a print company for a business card


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Although a business card can be made by a company on a desktop computer, the final design which is made probably won’t live up to all expectations. In fact, it can look very shoddy. Therefore, choosing printing services is highly recommended. Here are five benefits of selecting professional printers for creating a business card:

Access to more fonts

By looking at a Microsoft Word document, the fonts which can be used for a business card can be seen in advance. However, these aren’t the only fonts available. This is because a font which a design company created can be used instead. As Microsoft Word isn’t used, a design programme which a company hasn’t heard of before might be responsible for creating a business card. Consequently, the number of fonts which can be used for a business card can be four or five times more in comparison to Microsoft Word.


When business cards are required urgently for an upcoming conference, a company might not have a lot of free time to create many of them. By telling a professional design company what a business card should be like, such as the information which will be on it and its size, they can then be created. If a professional design company is chosen which is in the same country as their customers, they could offer a Next Day delivery service when payment is processed before a particular time. As a result, a huge order can be sent very quickly and a company will have plenty to hand out.


The cost of hiring a professional design company doesn’t have to be expensive because many charge competitive prices. Even for a 24 hour service, a company might be very surprised with how little they have to pay when compared to if they did it themselves. As the cost of ink can be very high, a company might spend a lot of money on printing multiple business cards. Even if a black and white design is made, the total cost of doing so might exceed a budget. However, no ink has to be used by a company themselves when they ask a professional designer.


When someone is talking about their company but they don’t have a business card in their purse or wallet, they could lose out on an important deal. This is because they cannot produce a card which has contact details and a website address. Having plenty of them is convenient when networking because a business card can then be presented when someone asks for it.

More business can be generated

Unlike a website address, a business card can be put into a purse or a wallet and referred to whenever someone wants to. When a business card is made out of strong card, it can stay with someone for a long time. Consequently, if the person who is handed a business card wants to hire a company for particular services, they will know who to get in touch with because they can refer to the contact details that are on it.

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