7 benefits of recycling cell phones


Reusing or recycling a cell phone helps our environment by preserving energy, keeping landfills materials which are reusable and saving natural resources. There are only around 10% of all cell phones which are recycled in the USA. However, things need to be improved quite a lot. There are several benefits of recycling a cell phone. Here are seven of them.

  1. Helping the environment:

A cell phone as well as PDAs contains several precious metals, plastics and copper. Reusing and recycling a cell phone as well as PDAs conserves all those valuable materials. In addition to that, recycling prevents water and air pollution as well. It also reduces the emissions of greenhouse gas. These gases occur while processing and extracting virgin materials. It also happened during manufacturing. When a million mobile phones are recycled, we can save gold worth 75 pounds, silver of 772 pounds, palladium of 33 pounds and copper 35,274 pounds. PDAs, cell phones and any other electronic device contain some hazardous materials like mercury, cadmium, lead as well as arsenic. Many of these can be reused and recycled. These metals should not move into landfills so that they may contaminate soil, groundwater and air.

  1. Saving energy:

When we recycle a single cell phone, we save energy enough to run a laptop for around 44 hours. If all the Americans recycled every cell phone in the country, which is around 130 million in number, there would be enough energy saved to provide electricity for about a year to over 24,000 homes. When we recycle one million mobile phones, we save enough energy for providing electricity to about 185 households in USA for around a year.

  1. Donating for a cause:

Most of the US citizens get new mobile phones in two years’ time, which usually falls after the contract gets expired and people are qualified for a low-cost or a free upgrade to any new model. When you get any new mobile phone next time, you should not discard the older one or hide it in a drawer to gather dust. In case your phone is still in a working condition, you should donate the same to a recycling program which works with community organizations or schools for collecting mobile phones as a means of fundraising ventures. These phones are often sent to developing countries where landlines are either absent or scarce.

  1. Mobile phones for the army:

These recycled phones are generally collected as well as converted to calling cards (prepaid) for soldiers as well. Over twelve million minutes were amassed in these calling cards (prepaid) in the year 2008 for US army troops stationed overseas.

  1. Phones for charity:

These phones are also collected to be sent away for charity purposes. There are certain organizations which collect the reusable mobile phones for charity reasons and give the organization a check to support its revenue objectives.

  1. Easy money:

Most of the companies are willing to give a considerable amount in lieu of your old and used phone. Many Organizations in the United States such as Pacebutler buys cell phones and pays you for that. Moreover, Pacebutler has taken steps to recycle old used cell phones. It is at the forefront of the cell phone recycling industry in America which purchases your used cell phone and recycles it. You can sell your cell phone online easily and help in conserving the environment. Recycling your mobile is definitely a smart way to earn easy money.

  1. Being socially responsible:

When you take the initiative of recycling your old mobile phone, it shows that you are a socially responsible person. It also shows that you are aware of the harm it can do to the environment if you do not recycle the same. This is a great way to express your responsibility to the society you live in.

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