About monitoring software


monitoring softwareAt work or at home, computers are shared between any numbers of people. Some of them may be responsible while others might slip intentionally or non-intentionally. Nonetheless, if the slip up results in an illegal or questionable activity then it would be the individual, who is the owner of the device, in the line of fire. On a personal scale, the person may be involved in legal hassles while if it’s a company owned device, then the brand name or image might suffer. Because of this, it becomes increasingly important that online activities and contents are regulated/monitored regularly. This is made possible by monitoring software.

What is monitoring software?

It is a program that allows the user to discreetly monitor all the activities being carried out on a their  device like, PC, Notepad, Smartphone etc. the program monitors and creates a record of every incoming and outgoing activity. Upon installation of the software, the owner of the device can go about his business and at his leisure, check every activity carried out with the help of the device. Thus, if there has been a questionable item indulged in, using the PC, phone etc. it can be checked immediately.


As mentioned above, the software allows monitoring and recording of everything that goes on while the device is in use. Some of the most useful ones provide services like the SniperSpy Features. A few of the main highlights of such software are as follows:

  • Screenshots of the actual desktop displaying all activities being conducted on it.
  • Record of all websites visited with the help of the installed browsers.
  • Keystrokes are also recorded. This helps one to find out what the non-owners are looking for or posting online.
  • Social networking sites logs are also maintained. This is important for both professional and family use, as in the former it allows you to locate the employee who uses company devices for personal leisure, while the latter helps you to be vigilant about your child’s social profile and activities.
  • Other services like profanity alert, GPS records, applications monitoring etc. allows the real administrator of the device to keep a tab on every activity being carried out with it.

These are some the most useful features provided by the some of the best names in the business today.

*Caution- However, when purchasing such software you need to be sure of the following things:

  • Always research – Don’t easily go for the cheapest or free service; remember the purpose of the software is to keep your system secure. Read a few independent reviews on the product you are willing to purchase, ask your friends and family who have used such products, based on these feedback take a decision.
  • Anti-virus – Always make sure you have a certified anti-virus installed in your device before you download anything from anywhere, including monitoring software.
  • Scams – There are various scammers out there who are using the market of this product maliciously. These people contact potential buyers on their own, while pretending to be a legitimate seller and extract financial details and information from the unsuspecting buyer. So do not purchase this software from anyone without diligently researching their company background, service record, legitimacy, pros and cons etc.

If you’re not careful you might yourself end up being monitored by an unknown third party. For further information on such software sites like totptenreviews.com can be checked for a nuanced review list of some of the best monitoring programs.

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