As SEO Continues To Evolve, It Is A Great Time For Canadian Businesses To Take Note


Although the drivers in the North American industry remain Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo, SEO, or search engine optimization has gone through a lot of changes in the past decade. Placing a link to your website at the top of a relevant search results for any one of these engines can mean a lot of extra exposure and potential income.

Interestingly enough, the three giants have been following different tracks in order to rank businesses, making it important for companies to adjust their strategy in order to stay relevant.

Here are a few strategies that are working for companies that are building their online presence:

Pick your platforms: Although having customers reach your website from a search engine inside a browser on a computer remains open, the edge of intelligent search, which includes Cortana from Microsoft, Apple’s Siri, and Google Now are all locking clients into their own search engine. The net result for customers is a need to understand just how the trends in mobile browsing are shaking out so that they can target specific search engines for SEO optimization with some forethought. Having a good SEO partner with good data can make this process simpler.

Big analysis is coming for big companies: In the past, a lot of the analysis was done based on changes hinted at by the team at Google. In many cases, their omnipotence in the industry approached that of a Central Bank providing economic indicators. Sometimes, that was for good reason. The famous Google Panda update turned a lot of rankings upside down as the company continued to redefine what quality meant to it, making it even more important for companies to provide solid content alongside technically advanced sites in order to be well-liked and advanced. Today, big analysis has joined the party, with Botify, a web crawler for very large companies starting to reverse engineer how Google perceives your site. It does so by looking at the crawling that Google does on your site- and then comparing that to your url rankings before making suggestions on what can be changed structurally to enhance your ranking.

Nothing beats a good partner: For the average business, however, Botify’s analysis of 100,000 urls is probably too much. A better goal is to find a service like Ducktoes Search Engine Optimization to create a custom program to move your links up the rankings where you want them. Companies like Ducktoes have been proving themselves in the marketplace for several years, giving you the advantage of paying a fixed price for specific results in a program that works. The key adjustments that most companies end up making are in the the level of quality, the format, and the structure of the content and website. The nice thing about SEO is that with a solid partner, even if you haven’t addressed optimization for a few years, you are always able to jump back in and leap frog problems that you likely would have encountered on your way to a top ranking.

Search engine optimization is still a field where there are intangibles due to the lack of perfect information. Moving forward with a quality focus and a strong partner can give you the results you need to allow you to focus on fulfilling more orders.

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