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Website owners usually only think one step at a time. It is not their fault that website development can be a lengthy process. There are some people who want their website to become live once the whole website is finished. There are others who want to put up a partially finished website which is updated when other pages come online.

The disparity in approach is irreconcilable. There is a strong argument for both sides. However, getting from the design to development is a big step. Getting the site online is even harder. Once the site is online, then the website administrator or the owner has to deal with a bigger issue. He has to make sure that it attracts traffic.

Getting traffic

There are many ways to attract traffic. One way is to rank high on search engines. Another way is to be very visible, or even go viral, on social media. On top of that the site can also use ads. At the end of the day, even if you make the best-looking site, with comprehensive content, if you cannot get attention, then you won’t get any visitors.

Traffic is important for a lot of things. Simply put, traffic is the reason you nurture an online presence. You want people to go to your site. You want them to know about your services. You want them to know how you can help them. In addition, you want to attract the right people. These are the visitors who are looking to buy what you have to offer as services or products.

Attracting a following

On social media, everyone is trying to get a following. Whether you are a housewife, an office worker or a celebrity, there is the urge to post or share interesting articles, music, images and pictures. This is to attract more people to follow you. It is also one way to spread whatever message you have. If you want people to see the pictures you posted on Instagram, you have to find a way to fit your pictures to a niche, or you have to change the way you present your pictures so that people will be more interested in them.

It takes a while to gather followers. It takes some patience to wait until people notice what you post and follow you hoping that your later posts will also be interesting. It might be necessary to do a lot of posting before your following reaches critical mass. Critical mass is when the number of followers starts increasing exponentially without any extra effort. This is the point you want to reach.

Setting up a website is not just a matter of having code on a server. You have to ask yourself how many visitors you have and how you can attract more visitors. This is not a trivial task, but getting people to visit your site is vital to your business. Hence, it is in your best interest to get help from experts like those from web design Oxford. Their help will go a long way.


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