Choosing a Cell Phone Repair Teacher


Mobile-Phone-Repairing1Modern technology has presented us with marvelous devices – such as the cell phone. Portable cellular technology has evolved from being carried around in large case to being able to be carried inside our pockets. Unfortunately, it is a tendency of all electronic devices to break down. Although technology today is replaceable, it might not be financially feasible to get your phone replaced on acquiring minor defects. However, what do you do if the repair shop refuses to fix your phone? It is best to follow some guides on how to learn cell phone repair so that you are equipped to take matters in your own hand.

Finding a Good School to Teach You the Skills

You will find many tutors who are willing to teach you how to repair most of the problems in a smart phone. Some will require you to come regularly to their shop and attend lectures, while others will have online tuition for teaching you through live sessions. Here is a quick comparison on both of these teaching methods, so that you can find the method which suits you:

  • Online sessions give you the flexibility of choosing whenever you want to take a class, as the live sessions are recorded so that they can be viewed at your own convenience, while physical classes will require you to follow a certain time schedule in order to complete your repair course.
  • Physical classes will provide you with samples, of broken cell phones, on which you can work and try out what you have learned, while the online live classes will require you to arrange for your own props.
  • Online sessions are cheaper, considering that they do not provide any samples to work on and there is more convenience involved for both the teacher and the student. The physical sessions are expensive as the teacher has to work more.
  • Physical classes can provide better support during practical classes since the teacher will be able to inspect what you are doing and can also lend in a hand to help you out. Through online sessions, the teacher can only observe and guide what you are doing.
  • Online sessions may have special forums where the teacher and students can discuss issues outside the class while physical classes do not have such a luxury.

Practicing the Art of Repairing Phones

Once you have learnt how to repair mobile phones, it is natural that you would want to try out your skills on a broken phone. Contact your teacher to provide you with more broken samples of phones, or yourself disassemble an old used phone and then fix it back. New technologies are being introduced every day in the hardware of mobile phones, and you need to keep a track of them to keep your repairing skills up to date.

The method chosen for how to learn cell phone repair is completely dependent on the student’s choice. The financial restrictions and level of flexibility usually determines the type of teacher the student needs.

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