Choosing A Web Host For Maximum Productivity


There are many factors to take into account when selecting a company to host your website. Getting the choice right is vital to having a reliable, cost effective online presence.

Whether you are a multinational corporation or a one-man business, in the modern commercial environment it is important to have a website. If your customers can’t find you online they will probably go off and deal with your competitors. This is especially true if you are selling directly over the Web. It is important therefore your site is well designed but also that it has maximum availability, otherwise your business will suffer.

Of course having a website means finding someone to host it. There are lots of companies offering hosting services so how do you know which one to choose? Reliability is a key factor as is the ability to respond to your needs. Many now offer services such as colocation that allow them to respond flexibly to the needs of their customers. You are now asking what is colocation? It is a type of data centre where equipment and bandwidth are available centrally for rental to companies. This has the advantage that you can manage your Web hosting needs without having to worry about managing the hardware and connections involved.
Choosing A Web Host For Maximum Productivity
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There is also a big advantage in terms of scalability. If your product or service suddenly takes off and you need more bandwidth or additional server capacity to cope with the traffic a colocated data centre will be able to scale up to meet the requirements with minimal disruption.

Security And Reliability

By trusting the hosting of your website to another company you ensure it is secure without having to worry about buying and loading all the necessary software yourself. You also don’t need to have your own IT staff to maintain equipment or carry out upgrades. Tthis is all taken care of by the hosting company’s data centre so you can be sure of a reliable service and maximum uptime for your site.

You will benefit from a service constantly monitored by trained engineers. There will also be recovery plans in place to cope with outages. A colocated data centre will have power backup in the form of an uninterruptable supply and generators so it can keep going in the event of mains failure. Similarly there will be plans in place to backup your data and get your website back up and running in the event of failure. This is vital in the event of ecommerce where you will be losing business if the site is down. In the event of a major failure suppliers will usually have a shadow site allowing them to switch systems quickly and get everything up and running again.

When you think about all that a web host does it is vital to pick a reputable reliable company. Once you have established a Web presence for your business you will come to rely on it. If your host can’t answer the what is colocation question then you might want to think about taking your business somewhere else instead.

Anna Mathews is a freelance writer an former business analyst, when researching Web hosts she knows it is vital to understand what is colocation and why it is important to your business.

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