Creating an Online Presence with a Website

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It has been said that a business with no sign, is a sign of no business. While this is not always true, it does have a nugget of truth in it. If nobody knows that your company exists, then they will not bring their business to you. It is important to at least show the world that your company exists and that you are selling something or providing a service – and you can best do this by having a very visible and well-designed website.

Online Presence

In the last two decades, the most prominent sign of a business is having an associated website. The Internet has made this happen but during the early days of the Internet, businesses had websites only to advertise their products and services. This was before search became widespread and ecommerce boomed. In no time, companies were able to earn simply by having ads on their websites. The services are online and free and they are selling advertising space.

Nowadays, the emphasis is on creating apps, and to put pages and links on social media. However, the website remains as the root of all company links. Even if you have a Facebook page, a Twitter or Instagram account, these are best promoted by having your own website.

The Website Size

There are countries where business and company owners are required to have their own websites. Nothing fancy; you only need a minimum of a one-page website to comply. For larger companies with wider business coverage, this can entail a website which has at least 6 pages. Typically, you would have a page for each of your products or services. However, if you have a rolling inventory of products selling in your online store, you would need to have a database and the HTML code would be created on request.

Another concern is that most website owners also want to have their own app. The app allows the users to access the store or business much faster, with services being provided specific to the company’s products.

The App

Apps are great if you have a real need for them. Otherwise, you need to have your website configured for responsive browsing. That means that the website automatically adjusts size and orientation, as well as fonts and font sizes, according to the device requesting the page. The adjustment allows the website to fit to the screen size, and have a readable layout and font.

Not everything has to be on a website. Or at least, you can have a blog in your website and this will allow you to post any information or articles which can be relevant or of interest to your customers.

All this might seem like a heavy task to deal with on your own. Seek help from web design Oxford experts now to help you deal with these web design issues.


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