A journey is memorable only when it was successfully done.  It could be thrilling to embark on motorcycle tours in Himalaya.  That is one adventure most gutsy bikers will want to relish.   The Himalayas have enchanting and rough terrains.

Therefore, extensive planning is a necessity in plying those rugged routes.   It is the wish of every one embarking on road trips to arrive alive and in one piece.

That is the beauty of every adventure.  But what if a trip poses some safety risks as a result of poor planning?  No one desires such a situation.  Therefore, planning a trip is as important as the trip itself.

Today, there are many gadgets that can save your life during road trips.  All thanks to the emerging pro-life technologies and devices.  Some are smart devices while others are simple products that can give you some reliefs and safety in moments of distress.

These are some of the gadgets that can save your life during road trips.  Call them your tour partners or your guardian angel, they are simply amazing and can save you when an adventure poses a risk to you.

  1. Nimb:

When you seek adventure in places that pumps your adrenaline and pulls your guts, your guardian angel might not be the “spirit being” you were told as a child.  It could be as little as a Nimb.

Nimb creators describe it as “your guardian angel” you need in times of crises. All you need is to push a portable alarm button. The alarm quickly alerts those close to you via their smartphones.  It can as well alert your target rescuers.  The device can stylishly be worn as a ring.

  1. Emergency Beacon:

The terrains of Himalayas are not the type you are used to within your neighborhood.  Part of what you need for your road trips is an emergency beacon.  An emergency beacon in any way it comes helps you to inform whoever it may concern that you are in distress and urgently need help.

It could be a “Rescue Me Balloon” which its cap can be torn off and an air-shot skywards up to 150ft.  It can work even at night as the balloon will flicker through a light ring that leverages on accumulated solar energy.  It points rescuers to your location.

  1. External Antenna

GoTenna is a good device that helps you when your mobile devices are demobilized as a result of poor or no network in the area you are.

With it, you can stay in touch with the smartphones and tablets of other users and thus raise the alarm that can save your life. This device creates its own private network that enables you to send a message and your GPS coordinates in a low-frequency wave that can span for 80km.

  1. A Charming Protector:

This piece of a device simply helps you monitor intruding people and wild animals. It can ward off wild animals and insects by setting off its self-propelled alarm.

A Charming Protector can detect a gas leak and weather changes, amongst others.  A device like this can be the help you need in a moment of crises when you are many miles away from home.

  1. Universal Water Filter:

Water is life.  You may understand this saying better when you are trapped in areas you hardly can access good water.  A device like Sawyer Charcoal Filter can help you filter and purify water for your consumption.

So when next you hit the road, be sure you have all the devices and tools that make your tour hassles-free.

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