Has Technology Becomes a Need at Home?


According to Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt, “People are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”

Indeed, technology is the main reason as to why we can call someone from the other part of the world instantaneously. No need to wait for several days or even months just to get in touch with anybody. Almost everything we use now has a touch of technology. And those things at home are not exempted.

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Technology at Home

Integrating technology at home has its own pros and cons. Undeniably, technology makes life easier at home. Different household chores can be accomplished within just a short period of time with the help of high-technology devices. In fact, most of our household appliances are high-end which integrate automatic systems or sensors. But, has technology becomes part of our needs at home? Maybe yes, maybe no. Working professionals have benefited much from the evolution of technology. Just imagine, after a very tiring day at the office, they will no longer have to spend more time in the kitchen to prepare food. Kitchen appliances will do the job.

Many homeowners installed surveillance camera for security purpose. They are able sleep soundly during nighttime. No need to worry about suspicious activities outside as they can monitor the happenings using the camera. Whether big houses or small apartments, monitoring system plays a significant role. Indeed, there are a myriad of benefits we can get from technology.

Now and Then

So, you might wonder how household appliances evolved into high-technology equipment.

  • No more broom or mops to clean the floor – Electric or hand-held vacuum come to the rescue

  • No more bulky TV set – Plasma or flat screen emerges

  • Goodbye manual TV operation – Hello remote control

  • No need to slice food manually – Electric food slicer is already serviceable

  • No more making coffee by hand – Coffee maker is available

  • No need to heat water through fire – Electric kettle or airpot can be used instead

  • No more cold bath water – Electric/automatic water heater can be installed

  • Less manual washing of clothes – Use washing machine

And the list goes on. These are just the simplest products of technology. As a matter of fact, there are more high end technology products for home usage. Many homeowners have considered acquiring these devices for easier and faster completion of task. Acquiring these devices becomes a craze. Whatever things are newly released, they are sold immediately like hotcakes.


Before deciding to buy any high-tech appliance, it is important to contemplate. Here are essential consideration you may think of to help you come to a decision.

  • Purpose – Firstly, ask yourself – do you really need it? Why would you want to have one? If the obvious reason of getting one is simply because it is the latest trend, you better think again. Consider how it can help you. If it can lessen the burden of your task then go ahead.

  • Cost – Can you afford it? Never use your credit card to buy things which are not really needed at home. Let’s face it. Most high-tech products these days are a bit pricey. Thus, you need to spend huge amount of money for sole item. If you really want it that bad, you may save for it.


Technology has made products more usable and functional. Therefore, they are of great use at home. For instance, those who are living in apartments in Atlanta can install cameras as a security measure. But many home developers today integrate innovative features to the houses they are building to offer a more livable and comfortable homes.

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