How Shopping Carts Provide Better Features

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One of the things that has evolved over the years in e-commerce is how online shopping cart software provides a better range of features. As Internet technology has improved, shopping carts have gone from being a feature that supplemented traditional cash and check payments to being a primary transaction form for many businesses. Today, shopping carts have integrated many features that website owners traditionally had to provide separately.

Real-Time Updates

One of the challenges that many site owners have faced in the past was keeping their online catalog updated. Older shopping cart systems, although compatible with most site designs, were often lacking in desired features. A major feature offered in newer carts that wasn’t available in older versions is easy real-time updating. In many cases, you can update your information right from your mobile phone or tablet.

Multiple User Accounts

Many business owners need a little help sometimes but don’t want to give website designers access to the full store back-end. Multiple user accounts with differing levels of access make this easier, without compromising the security of your site. You will be able to safely ensure that your customers’ information is never compromised through the use of a third party. 


Customers like having different choices, and multiple colors and other variations are a great way to give them what they’re looking for. When a shopping cart supports variations of a product, you will be able to give them choices without adding an extra button for each product variation. Pull-down menus and checkboxes that are integrated into a cart make adding choices a breeze.


One of the things that makes a major difference for retailers is being able to suggest related items of interest to a customer. In some cases, this might be an add-on item while it others, it might be an item that other customers have bought while purchasing the primary item. Many of the bigger, most popular online sellers use this technique with great success.

Better Notifications

At one time, online store owners had to check their email or log into their shopping cart software’s interface to check for orders. On busy days, it would have been easy to have a delay in fulfilling an order. Newer shopping cart options often have support for apps that you can use to check for new orders while on the go. Most of the newer shopping cart apps also support SMS notifications.

Advanced Sales Tracking Helps

Many business owners see tracking as an extra step that adds to their workload. When this process is automated, it makes things easier all around. Another way in which this helps is for accounting purposes. You’ll save time when you’re filing your tax returns, and will also have information that a lender can use if you need to borrow based on your business income.

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