How to make your website work for you…


Those of us who operate in a digital marketplace are used to staying on top of current trends. The online dictionary of cyber-jargon is forever thickening and this represents a real problem- it’s so easy to get left behind. Let’s look at an example:

You’ve got a great product, everybody says so… your website looks good and makes your services clear and accessible. You provide great customer service and are a reliable, transparent and well-meaning organisation. Not only this but you have invested and invested in all kinds of marketing. SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing the list goes on. It seems like you are doing everything possible to succeed and grow… but you get little or no traffic to your site. Or you get loads of traffic, but no sales.

It hardly seems fair but the simple fact is that running a successful website isn’t always easy and anyone can fall into the trap of using ineffective or dated techniques. Especially when your main business is not IT, particularly online, related.

If you are struggling to make your website work for you, there is an easy way out. Outsourcing your digital marketing to an expert has some serious benefits:

  1. Return on investment- It is an admirable quality in business to be cautious when making investment and to be cautious about ongoing overheads. Outsourcing SEO, PPC management, SMM and web development services to an expert frees up your time for other activities and, assuming you pick an experienced company.
  2. Perspective- When you’ve poured your heart and soul into something it can be difficult to see where the problems are. It may be that you are illogically attached to a practise that clouds your better business judgement. Or are unable to look at your site holistically because you are bogged down in specific details. A digital marketing expert is a professional with an experience of troubleshooting traffic and conversion issues.
  3. Experience- Successful digital marketing is all about experience, the great thing about a digital marketing expert is that they are well-versed in working for a variety of different companies. This is invaluable, especially if you’re current methods are falling flat.
  4. They have the tools- If your boiler breaks- you don’t approach it with a screwdriver and hope for the best, you get a professional. Why? It’s not just about knowledge- they have the tools. Digital marketing professionals use a range of powerful tools that many of us are unfamiliar with.

Most web entrepreneurs pride themselves on their self-reliance. The fact remains that when it comes to making your website work for you, running everything internally can be a serious false economy. Setting up a pretty site is not enough, practices like SEO and Social Media Marketing require constant time investment and many companies need to focus on other profitable activities. Rather than hire someone straight away, get a free SEO and PPC consultation from a reliable digital expert like Joe Balestrino and ascertain whether your digital marketing is really in need of restructuring.

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