How to Outfit a Home Office on a Budget


Home Office on a BudgetAs long as there have been people working, there have been people working from home. And as long as there have been offices, there have been home offices. It is true that at one time a home office did not need much: a desk, a chair, some paper and a pen. But as technology advanced so did the needs involved with setting one up.

However, technology has enabled more people to be able to work from home than ever before. If you are joining the growing legions of time telecommuters, or if you just want to set a space to get some work done in your home, you do not have to have a huge budget to set up an appropriate home office.

One Step at a Time
When designing a home office, most people think they need to purchase a whole host of office equipment all at once to make it work. However, this is not always the best route to follow.

Instead of coming up with a huge shopping list of items you think an office should have, spend some time figuring out what you will actually need to get started – as well as what you already have. You might have a spare phone lying around that will work just fine, and a card table you can use as a desk. As your needs progress over time, you can purchase more new items to suit your growing needs.

However, with any office there are two areas where you will not want to compromise: the chair where you will be sitting for hours on end, and the best of all internet service providers which will allow you to work from home.

Choose New Purchases Carefully
In most cases you will need to get some new equipment to properly outfit your home office. This is an area where it is worth investing time figuring what to buy and why. If you need a printer, think about getting an all-in-one machine so you will not also have to buy a copier and a scanner. If you need a phone, consider some less expensive VoIP equipment so your internet service provider can handle your voice calls as well as most of your other communications needs. Always research your purchases carefully to make sure

For furniture second-hand items often work very well, but again it pays to be extra careful when choosing your office chair. Check thrift stores and sites like Craigslist for second-hand items, you will often find furniture for very cheap or even free.

Go Wholesale
When it comes to less expensive supplies, you will almost surely go through provisions quickly. Things like paper, paper clips, disposable pens, etc. have a tendency to disappear, even when you are the only one using them. This is an area where it pays to buy wholesale, especially if you are member of a store like BJ’s or Costco Business Centers.

Lean on Technology
For years, evolving technology meant having to buy more office equipment. However, these days a decent computer and reliable internet service providers have made formerly requisite office equipment, like fax machines, no longer necessary. Do not be afraid to rely on modern technology to save you time and money.

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