Preserving Your Laptop Battery Life


When you get a new laptop, you’re often so keen to take advantage of its portability and the fact that you don’t need to be sat within easy reach of a power socket. However, over time the power and capability of your laptop battery will diminish and you’ll spend more and more time attached to its power cord. Here are some tips to help you preserve your laptop battery life for as long as possible.

 1. Defrag Your Laptop Regularly

Battery power is drained through the amount of work the laptop has to do. Consequently, you should ensure your hard drive is working as efficiently as possible by defragging it at regular intervals, although make sure it is plugged in for this as it is a fairly lengthy process.

2. Reduce Screen Brightness

As with other forms of modern technology such as tablets and smartphones, the screen is one of the biggest drains on battery life. Reduce the brightness of your screen as much as is comfortable to you.

3. Reduce the Number of External Devices

Many external devices such as USB drives and mice get their power from your laptop and so drain its battery. Obviously, there is nothing you can do if you are using them, but when not in use, be sure to remove them from your machine. Similarly, using your laptop to charge other devices such as your phone or iPod will also quickly discharge your battery.

4. Decrease the Amount of Running Programmes

Your laptop will be set so that a certain number of programmes start running when you start it up, even though you may not intend on using them for that session. By decreasing the amount of programmes running in the background, you’ll be using less CPU and in turn less battery life. Shut down everything you don’t need when using the laptop on battery.

5. Look after the Battery

If you don’t use your laptop that much, then be careful not to leave it fully charged and dormant for long periods of time. Try to use it at least once every two to three weeks. It also important not to let a Li-On battery completely discharge. This is something many people are used to doing because older batteries had memory effects and so could only be charged a certain number of times. This is not the case with modern Li-On batteries, where complete discharge is actually damaging.

6. Use Hibernate Instead of Standby

Especially with an older laptop which takes forever to start up and shut down, it can be tempting to just put your machine to sleep when you have finished using it. However, the hibernate function saves more power than the standby one does. With hibernate, your machine will completely shut down but will resume in the same place when you switch it back on.

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