Score High with Local Search Optimisation


Let’s start this discussion with an example. For instance, you are invited to a party and you want to gift a bouquet of flowers. You decided to search for a flower shop near your vicinity in Google. If you put the keyword “Flower shop”, a number of shops will appear in the result. But if you specify the keyword “florist shop in XYZ”, only those shops will come up in the result, which are in the ‘XYZ’ area or close to it. The search engine studies the IP address of the searcher’s computer and gives out results. So, if you have a business website, do not fail to optimise it locally for getting more profit.


Here are a few ways to score high using local search optimising process.

– In order to optimise your website, the first step will be knowing your onlookers. You need to know what people are looking for. You have to find the local keywords using the keyword research tool and attract greater volume of traffic. Use the web analytics to locate the most used local terms for searching a site.

However, the keyword cannot be general because the search result will also include other industries, which are not relevant. On the other hand, the business owner will not prefer precise key phrase, which the people searching the web will not be able to think. Hence, the keyword has to be simple, targeting the local business and have to suit the website.

– Apart from the keywords, you also need to work on your existing website. The service pages in your business site have to be reviewed with the aim to target the local market. Here are some of the changes or additions that are required to score high in the local search result.

– Add the name of your town or city in page titles and descriptions. In the 70 characters Meta title and 156 characters Meta description, explain your services.

– Add business name, address and phone number in the appropriate pages.

– Incorporating a map and pointing out your location can bring positive outcomes as well.

– If your business is located in multiple regions, it will be great to have separate landing pages for each branch. Next, localize the web content to target the local online business market. This will help your website to get better rank.

– Listing in the local directories is always a priority. The description that your write for getting listed must include key local search term. To make it more visible, add photos and tags. It’s better to provide same information for every listing that will enhance the consistency and build conviction to your business.

Reviews from your customers can also add fuel to your ranking in the local search result. Recommendations and general feedback from customers gives more visibility and relevancy in local search. Even the graph search in your Facebook business page can help to optimise your website. Therefore, if you want to have more profit, expand your visibility through local SEO and channelize traffic onto your business.

Keira Rose is a freelance content writer. She loves to write on changing SEO trends and its effect on internet marketing. Readers can know about various positive features of local search engine optimisation services from her blogs. 

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