The Positive Perspectives in Shared Hosting For Small and Medium Business Owners

For business that does not require a high speed bandwidth or server space, choosing a shared hosting service will stay an ideal option. Linux and windows are the most popular hosting platforms that are preferred by majority of people. Among the two, windows hosting has own advantages.

The .net structure

Any hosting requirement for instance depends on the type of operating system with which the website runs. Generally in a free hosting service it is not possible to get a domain name that stays unique, but with windows hosting will remain a perfect choice for websites that relies on .net or visual basic mode which is not possible with Linux hosting.

Extension of web pages

For those websites and web pages that run with Microsoft software, a windows hosting platform will be the easiest option as it works compatible with all Microsoft software. In addition, working with windows hosting, a website owner will feel the ease of developing his website or extending the web pages, as the windows server supports extensions. Hence, the website owner need not worry about if the server will support or not.

Database driven

Windows hosting works excellently for Active server pages which in turn will further help the website owners to use popular scripting languages. It is with this particular compatibility with ASP that windows shared hosting is preferred by many website owners. Websites that work with ASP are effective for database driven website, hence choosing windows hosting will certainly bring good results.

Other aspects of compatibility

Windows is the other popular operating platform for sharing hosting services. Considered as a less complicated means of operating system windows hosting serves best for those client websites that are based on Microsoft windows. For those who are looking for a compatible hosting which can also fetch excellent support for hosting, Windows hosting will the suitable one. For those website that collect data from an Access database, windows will stay suitable in terms of incorporating in a much easier way. In addition, a website which has scope for windows based applications, working with windows shared hosting will work out effectively. Because, windows supports development programs that works with Microsoft.


Windows hosting costs little higher than Linux, hence while choosing a shared hosting which works on a windows platform it is important to consider the following features such as

  • Try to choose a hosting package that will support your website for future expansion with ease
  • Check for the website’s scripting languages for compatibility
  • Check for Microsoft website builder option
  • Check for availability of Front page extension option
  • For those who do not need a larger amount of database conversion, windows hosting will be a suitable one for them.

Which Hosting service to choose?

It is always better to consider the customer support and pricing part before paying for a hosting service. Since in shared hosting services, the maintenance part will be considered by the service provider, the website owner need to confirm if the service provider will be supportive to provide an uninterrupted server space.


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