The World of Java Programming and Career Prospects as Java Professionals


Java Programming language is among the most demanded computer programming languages that are being extensively used by the companies. There remains a regular demand for the Java certified professionals who can ease the complicated processes in computer programming and come up with smart solutions. The article tends to shed light on the history of Java, importance of Java certification and the job profiles for Java professionals.java1

Java is a very popular programming language by the Sun Microsystems, which was designed at the beginning of the 90s with an aim to offer simpler alternatives, which are portable to C ++ (mainly in terms of memory management and class libraries). Later, with the launch of world wide web (WWW) in 1993, Java became ahead of its competitors and became ipso-facto standard in enterprise web application development, which currently shares most of the niche in the technology market along with .NET from Microsoft.

Who is a Java Developer?

It is very important to keep in mind that a developer is not just involved in programming or coding, he/she remains involved in the complete process of software development and life cycle of the products. A developer is responsible for problem solving, developing a system efficient solution, and integrating the plan for delivering effective functionality. Java being an object-orientated programming language requires professionals who are combinations of all these processes.

Certification courses in Java

The computer and IT professionals need to keep themselves updated about all the latest technologies and upgrade their IT skill sets with the certification courses in this very popular programming language, which is Java and has wide scopes in the IT industry. A certification in Java adds value to your resume and makes your career path easy. The area of interest and the career plan can be determined according to the preferences and choice of the candidates. To start career as Java developer, you need to have a certification program in Java. The companies prefer hiring Java certified professionals, as they are equipped with the multiple skill sets and are beneficial for the company in every way!java 2

Job profiles of Java professionals

A Java developer is responsible for programming Java or JavaScript on the commercial web pages for creating logic, which can help to easily perform the complex computerized tasks within the businesses. The Java professionals also work in collaboration with the JavaScript, which enables security settings for validating users and aid in processing business transactions. Being an advanced programming language, there remains a great demand for Java language certified professionals in both India and abroad.

Video game programmer: Video game programming is among the other specializations of Java programming. The programmer is given tasks to create realistic graphics and add artificial intelligence, which can be used in the games.

Webmasters: They are basically the administrators for a webpage or site. A webmaster looks after various things such as HTML verification, updating, checking broken links, and following a consistent and smart style throughout the site.

Java developer: The Java developer jobs demand professionals who will be responsible for programming, debugging as well as documentation. A number of companies also expect their Java developers to train the novices on the usage of the Java applications.

Web software engineers: In addition to these job profiles, you have the web software engineers, who operate and maintain the software used on Internet. The web software engineers use mathematical analyses and concepts of computer science for programming, designing and testing an application.

To work as Java professionals, the candidate needs to take care of the following pointers:

  • Knowledge of good programming practices and meets deadlines.
  • Adapt in dynamic and collaborative work environment
  • Deep understanding of object-oriented design concepts
  • Understanding of applications
  • Experience with the open-source projects

Java developers are also responsible to involve in communications with their teams and the end-users to ensure that the language is meeting the requirements of the end users, improve the functionality of the web pages, and enhancing the overall design and usability of the site. Besides, a Java programmer has other functions to perform, which include working as a web designer, database manager, and as an analyst. In some companies, unit testing can also be a part of his job.

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