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There has been a continuing tug of between the Smartphones and why not, since the market has been immensely flooded with the series of mobile phones the competition is but natural, certain. Android optimized Smartphones have become an apple of everyone’s eyes and it’s almost inevitable to deny that the competition between the handsets have always served a better understanding for the users. When it’s about Android based Smartphones the only name one would instantly come across will be Samsung. Of course, the company has done its best in launching such mobile phones suited for all cedars of the society. The reason for confusion lies in the hosted series of handsets by the company. Recently, the company has launched its Galaxy Mega and Galaxy S4 Mini; both are the Android powered Smartphones. And that’s where the hitch is, which one would you go for?

Let us check out every bit of each contender to foresee who’s making a rise and who’s falling.


Notably all the Samsung Smartphones acquit themselves in a pretty decent manner and this makes the decision pretty difficult especially when one is to decide on the basis of looks.

The Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 I9200 takes up a full touch screen candybar form which measures around 167.6 x 88 x 8 mm and weighs approximately 200 grams. Eventually, this is pretty understood that a large body comes with a weight. But, the Phablet braves broader screen area and a slim body width.

On the other hand the S4 Mini slates the design of its predecessor Galaxy S4 and measures about 124.6 x 61.3 x 8.94 mm with a weight of 107 grams. On the comparison chart, it’s Mega which stands to be pretty slim and offers broad surface area for branding the touch screen. However, the S4 Mini, though it’s lighter than the other but its weight alone doesn’t seem to turn the stone in its favor.

Advantage: Galaxy Mega.

Processor and OS:

When you’re wondering about having that little bit of extra in your handset, Samsung will surely not let you go down in any sort.

Samsung’s featured Mega packs Dual-core 1.7 GHz Cortex-A15, Exynos 5250 processor which is coupled intelligently with 1.5 GB of RAM. Hence, promises a lag free multitasking capability and swift performance. It is optimized to perform on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean OS platform.

Simultaneously, Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Duos I9192 seems nowhere less than its rival in terms of its performance capabilities. Picking Dual-core 1.7 GHz Cortex-A15, Exynos 5250 with 1.5 GB RAM together functioning on the Android 4.2.2 fetches the same purpose like its rival. Unfortunately, the spell ends up with a tie drawing no conclusion in either of the one’s favor.

Advantage: Tie


Talking about the display part of any high end Smartphone is real fun. Sometimes, things roll opposite to how they were likely to be.

Over here, Mega is bolted with 6.3 inches Super Clear LCD Capacitive touch screen display having 16 Million color dots set at 720 x 1280 pixels (233 PPI) resolution.

Similarly S4 Mini is also embedded with 4.3 inches Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen display having 16 Million color dots set at 540 x 960 pixels (256 PPI). Certainly, 256 PPI proves way better than the 233 PPI of the Mega. Thus, the display is crisp and sharp when it comes to S4 Mini.

Advantage: S4 Mini


Both the Smartphone packs wonderful 8 MP rear snapper with flash support along with 1.9 MP front camera. Samsung has cleverly incorporated the Megapixels thing to leave the people with a sign of confusion if their decision rests upon the Megapixels.

Advantage: Tie

Memory and battery bank:

Colossal memory and line drawing battery backup has been a need of hour for one and all. No matter how much you shell for owing the handset, if it doesn’t matches with your needs then it’s just a piece of box.

Mega is available in two denominations in terms of its memory, 8 GB and 16 GB. Let us consider the 8 GB as of now and this can further be amplified up to gigantic 64 GB via microSD flash. It earns its power from massive 3200 mAh that offers it tremendous backup.

On the other hand, S4 Mini also picks 8 GB of internal storage which can be further amplified up to 64 GB via external flash. And it earns its power from 1900 mAh battery which is a decent performer.

Advantage: Samsung Galaxy Mega


So, as we edge to the conclusion of the battle, the result for the same is pretty evident. Of course, I did not want to end the charting with a tie anyways! It’s the Samsung Mega which takes the winning oath and emerges out as a stunner. The S4 Mini on the other hand is not a loser in anyway, but it just lacked in some aspect on our comparison chart. However, it was a fate or coincidence that out of 5 distinctive features 2 were tie and Mega made up the rest 2 and one fell for S4 Mini. Nevertheless, the clash between the Mega and Mini had a nail biting conclusion and Mega took over the Mini and has certainly hit it off perfectly.

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