Tips for Managing Teams in Multiple Locations


If you are part of the management team that is in charge of managing offices or teams that are multiple locations, you’ve no doubt experienced a lot of challenges along the way. After all, it’s not the easiest business juncture, as it can be hard to track exactly what your teams are doing day-to-day, or spotting any problems early on.

We’ve thought about these problems and more, and have put together some tips to help you overcome these issues.

Schedule team meetings

If possible, it’s advised to arrange meetings between the different offices fairly regularly. If this isn’t an option – if the offices are in different countries, etc – then you should look into other options that can make this possible. This can include things like Skype video conference calls which can add a much more personal element to standard conference calls.

Understanding and improving the team dynamics can be difficult in multiple locations, so these sorts of communication techniques can go a long way in helping the situation.

Create a set of strong guidelines

It can be really difficult to monitor the team in different locations, and this can have a huge impact on productivity and team satisfaction and results. Therefore it’s well worth while putting a strong set of company guidelines into place that all employees must adhere to, regardless of office location.

For example, Create guidelines that clearly state the hours each employee should be at the office, what attire is appropriate and what kind of behaviour is not tolerated in the workplace. In addition, put together a manual on how to communicate with clients and how workers can perform both individual and mutual quality control.

Upgrade your connectivity

It’s important that each of the offices can always contact each other as and when they need to. To do this, you’ll need expert connectivity. An exponential-e lease line is a great option, as they are used ‘to provide high-speed private voice and data connections inside a geographically-dispersed organisation. For example, if a company has its head office in one city and a regional office in another, the two sites would typically be connected by a leased-line to create a single network’.

Global time zone actions

Managing multiple locations across the UK can be hard enough. But when you add a new sales office or manufacturing plant overseas, you can actually run into a host of new challenges, such as time difference issues and cultural communications differences. It’s important that your employees have a good understanding of the cultural customs of each of the locations in which your offices are located to avoid any major issues.

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