Top 5 Reasons you should Blog


Blog has now become a trend, be it about the poem, food review, recipe, travel or sharing self-life experience. It is one way to communicating with people and inspiring followers. For retired people, this is one such way to stay active even after retirement and share life experience. One of the blogger is Tracy Luttrell St. Louis who runs her own blog about running, travelling in golden years, casinos for retired people and sharing life experience during 20s. For her, this is the medium to stay connected with people and active even after retirement.

This article presents you with top 5 reasons why you must blog and how it can change your life:

  1. One way to Build Network with People: If you are among those who love networking and love to stay connected, then blogging is the best medium. You can blog on travel, health and other casino games which might interest readers and keep visiting your blog regularly.

  2. Turning messy ideas into sorted one: You may have ideas in your mind since many years, but due to professional life you couldn’t place it on words. These ideas can be messy and not much in shape. So once you are retired, put the idea in shape and blog it up. This is also one way of documenting your thoughts and ideas which evolved over the period of time.

  3. One way of helping others: You are in an age where you want to help others and present your ideas about life experience. By blogging about topics on health, life and travel, you can share information among readers to follow. People now search online to get information on certain life or health problem, or even for travel tips. So visitors bumping over your blog can help your exposure.

  4. Earn while you Blog: Many bloggers are earning great commercials through blogging. After retirement, one need to look for an extra income source, blogging is the best way to go for. There are many bloggers around the world who are earning millions through blogging. Be it on fashion, food or travel, one can get earned just by sitting home after retirement.

  5. Juicing up your writing skills: If you were willing to write, but couldn’t throughout the years, this is the time to do. You can also improve your writing skills slowly but surely you will. The result, you will also find when readers comment their satisfaction in terms of your writing. One can learn the flow of writing that keeps readers hooked over it.

Blogging is really a great way to earn money and fame. Moreover, to help people on understanding how life can be enjoyed at your best. Travel is one of the ways that can be enjoyed during golden years of life.

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