Turn your passion of gaming into a career path


If somebody told that you can spend hours and hours of your time playing games day in and night out, without having to do anything else for earning a living, how would it sound? Stupid…right? But not anymore. Gaming industry has become one of the fastest growing among all and is calling for passionate gamers like you to join and earn a handsome living. 

Playing video games is something that can count for the most ubiquitous hobby in the world. Every one of us must have spent hours and hours playing video games, killing the bosses, trying to get to the finishing line before the time gets over. Such is the craze that most of us loose all sense of time and self being while playing our favorite game. At times we start living those characters and imitating their style. However, only a few of us think beyond that. How the character got its final form? What prompts it to jump and perform complicated maneuvers on a press of a physical button? How the frames are made so accurate that it resembles a real life movie with real life characters? If you ever find yourself asking these questions than you ought to consider gaming as more than just a pas-time; a full blown career path.


What is required for charting a career in gaming?


First thing first, making a game or rather designing a game is a lot different and harder than playing it. The process is a multifaceted one, where the designer is expected to have the perspective of the player while having the vision of a creator. While playing video games is something that everyone can do, making a video game is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. For being able to create a game you must have a go-getter attitude, an eye for detail and multi-tasking ability.


You need to be someone who doesn’t needs to be told every minute what to do and what not to. You should be a quick learner having a thirst to learn new things. You should be someone who sets new goals and does everything to accomplish them. And last but not the least; you should be passionate about games. The game industry has something for everyone. The above listed skills are the commonalities that should be a part of skill set of everyone involved in the gaming industry. Now talking about the different archetypes in which the jobs of gaming industry jobs are divided include game designer and game developer, story or scriptwriter, the visual artist, the audio artist, game tester and game journalist.


More than just playing…start analyzing


The perfect career in gaming has an early start to its credit. Instead of playing games for just fun, analyze each and every aspect of it. Keep asking yourself questions like what could be different in a particular boss fight? Could there be a better ending to it or how is it different and better, if it really is from other games?  What according to you the game did right and where did it went wrong? Look for glitches, however minute they are which you would have noticed without looking for them in the first place. If the game is good, discover what makes it good.


Game designing: A perfect career path for creative nerds


Out of the above listed career paths; the most popular are designer and programmer. A game designer is the fountain of creativity for the game industry. It’s the designer’s vision that guides the game throughout its journey, from very start till the end. As such, it is easy to understand that why a game designer’s job is the most desirable in animation and gaming industry. For being a game designer one must have expertise in various designer tools. Designing can be learnt from a good animation institute like Arena Animation; else it can be self-taught through various tutorials available online.   Game programmers are the geeks who write tens of thousands of lines of code to add functionality and life to a design. Knowledge of computer languages like C++, C# and programming tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio is a part of the job description of a game developer.


Putting some smart marketing to use


Designing a good game is not enough. You need to sell it to get some rewards on your efforts. That’s where marketing comes in. MBAs are in demand these days in gaming industry. People who can understand mass media, brand management and corporate communication are usually considered a perfect choice to have on board. This makes it a perfect case for people with MBA having specialization in marketing. Also there is a lot of number crunching involved therefore people with MBA in finance and accounting are also preferred.


Job prospects: An overview


Although gaming is one of the biggest parts of the entertainment industry, it is still considered amongst the risky career choice in India. Lack of awareness, good education institutes and study material adds to the surrounding dogma about following a career path in this industry. However, the new generation is determined to change this perception. Reports suggest that gaming will be an industry worth 24 billion INR by 2015, which is not small by any standards. Thus job prospects and employment opportunities in various archetypes of gaming are bound to grow pointing towards a secure future.

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