What Does a Car Engine and an SEO Engine Have in Common?


When you crank your car, you want your engine to run flawlessly on its own. SEO is the same in the sense that all you need is proper maintenance and care, and then it runs itself. As the user, you follow guidelines to make sure your SEO is functioning correctly. There are many signs that your car or SEO needs a tune-up. Learn to take care of your car engine the same way you avoid the unsafest road trips: by learning the proper rules to being a safe driver.

How Search Engines Operate

You know that a car stops where the engine goes. An SEO engine always stops at a unique document. Here are the terms you need to understand:

Crawling. Whether it’s taking you to a web page, an image file, or another type of document, search engines “drive” to a location by crawling. “Crawling” is a term that basically means searching. The instruments used to crawl around the web are called spiders.

Data Centers. Google stores astronomically high amounts of information in data centers much like cars in garages. Each car has a parking spot. SEO data centers park bits of information in spots. The professional term for this is called indexing.

Provides Answers. Think of your SEO engine like the computer in your car. Whenever you want to find an answer you connect to Google and type in what you’re looking for. Similarly, when you’re searching for answer to problems in your car, you hook a machine up to the car’s computer.

The search engine and its spiders have to search a map of the entire city to find the right link. Sometimes it is another specific location, and not just a single city. In the same way, your car engine has to run to the right stops as you are driving. You have to guard the engine to make sure it gets there as it should.

When It’s Time for Maintenance

Things may be going just fine with your SEO, but a thing or two may need to be fixed or maintained. In your car engine, you may need to change the oil or have a busted valve replaced. With the search engine, you may need to up your ranking due to a new competitor. You may have to make sure your keywords (labels) take you to the right place. You wouldn’t want street signs (labels) to take you off a cliff! Make sure your engine is going to the right place!

Get Your Engine Fixed

If something is obviously broken or not working properly, it’s time to get your engine repaired. If your car isn’t getting you where you need to go, it’s pretty much useless. It is the same for your SEO. If you change the links on your website, you need to change your keywords and fix your broken landing pages. If your car engine has broken parts, they must be switched out to function.

Success! Your Engine is Running Smoothly

There is nothing to fix if nothing is broken. You are maintaining things right and doing the correct things to keep your engine running without hesitation. Your keywords in your website are “ranked” by how easily the search engine gets to your location. Your search engine should be finding your location right away if you are running smoothly. If your engine isn’t hanging up, it means you are functioning at top levels.

You Can Always Optimize Performance

You may need a refresher on the rules to make your performance better. Always keep referring to the guidelines. Make smart changes and upgrade your performance. You can make sure everything is in the right place by labeling it properly. Also, make sure your engine is performing properly and get some great results. Still, if you don’t keep up with the rules and adjust your performance accordingly, at some point you will always run the risk of breaking down.

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