Which One Is Good For You – Linux Hosting Or Windows Hosting?



There are many webmasters who want to choose the web host which they find have a huge variety of hosting packages. Some of these web hosts also provide you with a choice of some packages by using the Linux system, others are Windows and FreeBSD. Many people are confused about choosing a Windows package or a Linux package.

Thinking of Newcomers

Many newcomers think that they are using Mac OS X or Windows, so they have to get the same web hosting service. Web hosting service has nothing to work with the process of system you are actually running in your personal computer. These are very different things. Some people think that if they actually use the system which is absolutely different from their web host, then both of the system will not be compatible with each other. This is a baseless subject. The matters, which run in the web host, are specially crafted for running in a website.

Windows Hosting Package

People also have some misconceptions that they can get start menu or some other options in the web hosting computer. All webmasters can access the website only by using the web editors such as KompoZer, FTP program, SSH program, Dreamweaver or any other web browser. This is hard or easy for users totally depend of the web editor which they will be running in their computer, and this has nothing to deal with the web host. For choosing the correct platform of web hosting, you must decide either going with the UNIX one or with the Windows hosting package.

Requirements of Websites

You must decide according to the requirement of your website. If your website relies on the specific technologies of Windows such as .NET, Microsoft Access, SQL Server and ASP, then it will be very convenient for you to take the Windows hosting package. Even some UNIX systems like Linux has ways for using all the windows web technologies. But with Windows hosting package, there will be very few problems.Those people who also want to set a blog or even sell some products with the shopping cart or even create a very straightforward website, then they can easily use Linux web hosting package.

The commercial and free software, which runs in the website like the shopping carts and blogging programs, can assume Linux web hosting package and run their websites very smoothly. Many tutorial websites are running in a Linux web hosting packages. People who need Perl, MySQL database, and PHP can easily use the Linux package. It is also true that Perl, MySQL database and PHP can also run in the Windows machines, but things do not work in the same ways as they perform in the Linux Systems.

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